Barbie. When it all began. The Ponytail Epoch 1959 – 1966

The early Barbies came with patent arched eyebrows and cat eyes, which made them definitely unequivocal.

Here’s two photos of those splendid dolls.

Barbie Vintage - Brunette


Barbie Vintage - Blonde


How can you not fall in love with such a beautiful work of art?

Ponytail models.

The first Barbie wore a black and white streaked swimsuit, either brown or blonde hair collected in a ponytail, blue eyes, blue eye shadow, red lips and red nails. She was equipped with white sunglasses and open toe shoes.

She would sell as a “Teenage Fashion Model.” Charlotte Johnson, Mattel fashion designer, designed her clothes.

By then, Barbie was made in Japan, and dresses were hand-stitched by homeworkers.

Mattel managed to sell 350,000 items in the first year. Not bad!

The doll # 1 and #2 Ponytail are identical except the #1 does have holes in the feet while the #2 does not.

At this time, dolls from the late 1950s and 1960s will probably show a darker face than the rest of the body due to the vinyl that tends to fade over time, whereas light and further atmospheric effects darken the face. Even greenish spots on the face are not strange, partly because of earrings causing oxidation, according to experts’ opinions.

The body is lightweight hard plastic with hollow trunk and small neck knob.

Shortly after, the titian-haired model added up to the earlier blonde and brunette versions.

Occasionally the doll has a greasy-looking face. Splayed legs are frequent and not considered a flaw.

Genuine models feature a mark that reads, “Barbie ® Pats. Pend. © MCMLVlll by Mattel, Inc.”

Barbie’s Personal Particulars

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Born March 9th 1959 in Willow, Wisconsin, USA

Parents: George and Margaret Roberts

Siblings: Skipper and Tutti (sisters), Colin Todd (brother, Tutti’s twin)

Boyfriend: Ken Carson (b. 1961)

Feel free to complete this roundup with further information. You are all warmly welcome.

Barbie passionate and stylist. I create fashion outfits, jewels and accessories

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