My Barbies

Le Mie Barbie

Meet Magda - She is Magda. A beautiful Barbie though not rare and not particularly precious. Yet, one of my favorite models. I often use her when creating my Barbie’s fashion outfits. Does her name sound a bit German? Well, I wanted to recall her Mattel’s name.
Summer Top Model - Barbie Summer Top Model 2007 Although quite common, I like this beautiful Barbie very much. A bit saucy yet graceful at the same time. Finally, if there is something I particularly love is doing my Barbie’s hair!
SPRING IN TOKYO Woman From Tokyo - No, no connection with the famous song by the Deep Purple. However, this beautiful Barbie, “Spring in Tokyo,” is no less fascinating than the [British] legendary band’s tune. Was it she to turn Gillan on like a fire? Just kidding!
Magic Touch She’s got a Magic Touch - Isn’t she really magic? I love the way she looks so classy yet natural. Elegance is simplicity first. I like my Barbie dolls to look great with a graceful coiffure, which I love to dress myself.
Barbie Holidays A New Jewel - Hi Everybody! I’m back posting on my blog, finally!! It’s been a long time busy taking care of my clients. Yes, people are demanding when it comes to getting their beautiful Barbie dolls and accessories, and they are right, ‘cos so am I. Once and again, a big thank you to my clients and all […]
My Beautiful Top Models - Barbie Top Models are a special selection you can’t help having in your collection.
Model Muse - This is another video featuring my crew of Model Muse Barbies
More from my collection - Here’s some more Barbies from my collection.
Snow Princess - Barbie Snow Priness in paint the town red fashion
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